.Nightmare Nails.

.Nightmare Nails. Covering up my really very terrible nails with hopefully pretty nail polish...

So if you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen several of these photos. I went a little overboard because the colour-changiness is pretty awesome.

So the base colour is Dance Legend TermoTRIO №01. It’s a thermal colour change and goes between three (yes, three) different colours. Warmest is light blue, middle is magenta/purple and cold is dark purple. So cool.

And a bit trippy to apply because the bottle at room temperature is the middle colour and when you take the brush out, because a bit of the nail polish starts to evaporate (hence cooling it because physics), it turns dark. Then when you apply it, it changes colour again because of the temperature of your hand. For me it applied to magenta and then slowly went to blue after it had dried completely.

Without top coat it’s matte/satin finish (see non-stamped images above). It was pretty opaque straight away, but the above are with two coats for better evenness.

Stamped with Depend white stamping polish and MoYou London Fairytale plate 2. I am particularly happy with my middle finger and least happy with my little finger because my hand shook while I was applying it :-/

ETA: I am very impressed with the lasting-power of this polish. More than a week after applying I only have minimal chipping.

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